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Office of Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Student Organizations


The purpose of the Hanover College Black Student Union (BSU) is to provide cultural, social, and political awareness within the Hanover College community regarding Black issues. The Black Student Union will work to incorporate all students in hopes that we can provide and develop education, special interest, and social programs that promote awareness to the greater community. This organization will always serve to promote self care, and in the spirit of love for one another, we aim to seek a better understanding of ourselves. The Black Student Union will seek justice and representation for our students in times of adversity. Pursuing equality and opportunity that enables the sustainability of our community is our mission. We promote, pursue, and provide; we are Hanover College's Black Student Union.


The purpose of the Latino Student Union is to encourage the entire Hanover College campus and the surrounding community to advocate for the Latino community and to promote a sense of unity between the Latino population on campus through student involvement in social, academic, philanthropic, and political activities.


Sister-2-Sister is a special interest group which addresses the concerns of Multicultural women at Hanover College. Issues discussed include academics, career development, and standards of beauty, sexuality, relationships and self-esteem. This organization provides social and academic activities and a level of comfort for all women. Because Sister-2-Sister is designed to give its members a place to share their personal experiences with life, some things that may be confidential. Therefore, items discussed in meetings outside of regular organization business are kept confidential. Sister 2 Sister; a different kind of sisterhood!

Feminist club

The purpose for Feminist Club is to foster intersectional feminist thought in the Hanover College community. The Feminist Club seeks to serve as an advocacy group focusing on issues related to gender and specifically women's issues. We strive to promote an inclusive environment, support those who do not benefit from the patriarchy in our academic community, inform and educate those who do, create social change, and promote diversity and equality in the Hanover College community.

Rhythm And Poetry (R.A.P)

The purpose of this organization is to give people a positive way of channeling energy. This organization is designed so that people can release some stress that they may have on their mind from school or whatever it may be by expressing themselves through poetry. The Hip Hop genre took off in the 1970s starting in the Bronx, a very impoverished neighborhood. It started as a way for people in these neighborhoods filled with crime to express themselves in another way and say the words that were on their mind so that many people could see and understand what was going on here. RAP has influenced the development of other genres as well. Pop is one of these just genres which blends the lyrical content of RAP with a more upbeat beat and some singing. This group will affect positive change on Hanover because it allows students to learn about the culture of urban poetry, better known as RAP. It gives them a way of positively channeling energy and attaining a new skill as well.

latin rhythms

To encourage the entire Hanover College campus and the surrounding community to learn the diversity of Latin American Culture through dance such as salsa, bachata, merengue, and others. The organization would reach out to the students, faculty, staff and the public with the goal of learning as a community and understanding the culture within these types of dances.


Love Out Loud is an advocacy group for equal rights focusing on LGBT(QSA) issues. We strive to promote an open and accepting environment, support for those in our academic community, inform, educate, create social change, and promote diversity in the Hanover College community and the community outside Hanover College.


For years, International Club (also known as I-Club) has been a forum for giving Hanover College an international flavor. It is an organization that helps forward cultures from all over the world and is open to all Hanover students, faculty, and staff, not only the international students. The chief objective of the club is to encourage interaction between students of all nationalities, promoting internationalism and diversity on campus, giving them an opportunity to learn about and live with cultures that are new and different and encouraging personal growth and having a good time. Throughout the school year, I-club adds to the diversity of campus life by organizing educational and entertaining events. Events anticipated for the coming year are Taste of the World, World Food and Hunger Lecture Series and the Annual International Banquet that features a great evening, including a variety of international food cooked by the club members, entertainment from all around the world and a wonderful experience.


Kaleidoscope is an organization that is dedicated to encouraging and educating the Hanover College community about diversity through cross-cultural and multicultural programming. By hosting a very sizable array of events, kaleidoscope's programs range from speakers to festivals; trying to cover as many interesting issues or interesting aspects of specific cultures as possible. With weekly meetings, Kaleidoscope attempts to focus on the news, the media, culture, customs, history, etc. in order to intellectually and without judgment be able to ask questions, present opinions or insights, and to grow as individuals. In coming together, in culturally changing times, Kaleidoscope will engage with the community with the goal of, not only individual growth, but as well as growth as a family. In doing so, Kaleidoscope will discuss and address the different challenges of multiple ethnicities and prejudices, not only within the surrounding community, but within America and the surrounding world. This can be examined by being a member or being on the executive board of Kaleidoscope and taking part in our numerous programs and/or by taking part of our weekly meetings. There is always a way to get involved in Kaleidoscope!

Hanover queens and kings

Hanover Queens and Kings (HQK) seeks to promote Drag culture on campus while facilitating the access to resources to students who desire to do drag. HQK recognizes drag as a form of art and self-expression. The club shall promote self-love and discovering, as well as confidence through drag performances.